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About us


El-Qods Establishment was established in 2012 by the Egyptian founders, Mr. Mahmoud Hanafi.

El-Qods Establishment specializes in supplying and installing plastic tile panels, alternatives to hollow and solid sheet metal, and all kinds of polycarbonate.

We provide high-quality products with a quality certificate that they conform to authorized international standards

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El-Qods Establishment Company is considered one of the largest institutions that supply all types of plastic tiles with high quality, in multiple shapes and colors, and with a 10-year guarantee


Polycarbonate has a high degree of transparency, typically around 90%. It is a thermoplastic polymer

Amorphous, transparent and has a high level of impact resistance. This makes it suitable for different tile features

Plastic has its uses, as it is used in facades, ceilings and decoration

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Metal sheet alternative

It is made of high-quality materials and consists of 3 layers of sun protection, with thicknesses from 2 mm to 3 mm

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